Don’t underestimate

We know there are risks that we will have to take as we traverse our THPL journey. It comes with the territory – we push the envelope, we take on new challenges, we do things that we have not done before.  It is arguably the most fun part of the journey. New, different, unknown, yes that is part of what we seek.  And yet, as we spend more time on our journey we start to know that there are some assumptions that we have to be careful about making.  We can let our confidence or experience cloud our judgment in a way that makes us underestimate how hard something is going to be or how formidable a competitor of ours is.  We have to guard against these circumstances as they are avoidable and predictable, and the consequences are significant (and often not good).  So, let’s always be properly prepared, keep listening to those around us who have advice to share and don’t take anything for granted.  We know that when we follow good process and approach we can make all of this work for our, and others, advantage.

Loving life when we make the right assumptions