Enjoy the hard work

It could be that there are some themes and concepts that feel to be core to the THPL journey and “enjoy the hard work” seems to be one of them.  What is it about the idea that we should enjoy the “hard work” that is so appealing.  Might it be that when we push ourselves to the level of hard work that our systems really start to work as they are intended?  Could it be that our neuron transmitters fire better during and after hard work?  Maybe there is a deep level of satisfaction that is realized when we work harder.  Truth is that it is all of these reasons and more.  Our bodies and minds are capable of so much and ready to try again and again and it is hard work that lets us get the most out of them.  And when we do we are at our best.  So, let’s work hard, enjoy it, and do it again and again. 

Loving life when we I am working hard