No pants

As we pass along on our THPL journey there will be moments when we are convinced that what we know, or how we act, is the way that it is to be.  That our “way” is the best and it could never be challenged.  And as much as we think that we are right and it will be our way for a long time it bears noting that even things that look today, as if they never would change, in fact, change.  And so we need to be more open to reconsidering, thinking differently and open to new ideas.  In fourth-century Rome, the wealthy elite were scandalized by the presence on their civilized streets: pants. Pants were considered to be the clothing choice of the barbarian. And in the year 399, the city had two laws banning pants and boots from the city, under threat of "punishment according to legal status." Well, we all know how this story ends and we should be inspired to act knowing that change will be the constant and our beliefs might just be in the way of big-time improvements. 

Loving life when I am wearing pants