Be yourself

We know that there is a lot to learn as we find our way through our THPL journey.  And when we push harder and harder and get more and more committed to our THPL passion it is possible that others will start to “weigh” in on our choices.  They might tell us that we are not doing it right or that we are doing it too much.  There is a lot of negative energy that can be directed towards us for little good reason.  And at moments like this, we have to get ourselves centered and make sure that we give serious thought to the choices that we are making.  Input can be good but more important is staying true to ourselves and the way that we want to live; following our passions, making commitments to ourselves and testing ourselves and our ability to just make ourselves better at what we choose to do.  So, let’s make a commitment to being who we want to be and stay true to it even when headwinds come our way. It is our journey, after all, let’s live it big……for real!

Loving life when I am being true to myself.