Inspired to act

It seems that there are times when we pick up our heads while on our journey and think about what we are doing, or not, for that matter. And as we do this we can react in different ways.  There are times when we are satisfied with what is going on and other times when we know we need something more, a bigger goal, a reach of sorts, a step back into that uncomfortable zone.  And when we get that feeling we know we need to act on it – it is futile to resist and as this energy builds it is time to make a commitment to the next big goal.  It matters none the specifics of the goal – all that matters is that it is "big" and we build the plan, start practicing and then get amped up to go do it.  Time is a wasting, let's get moving!  Here’s to that next big goal – just writing that down feels good! 

Loving life when I am inspired to take on the next big goal