Fourth of July

It is interesting to think about our THPL journey in the context of the culture that each of us live in.  Yes, we are a global community of like-minded, active, motivated, curious people and yet there is a lot of local in us that we sometimes forget about.  It takes many forms in how we live and what is personal and close to us.  And as we find ourselves in a place outside of our local surroundings on one of our local holidays we will realize that there are interesting differences amongst us.  Fourth of July, a major U.S. holiday, surprisingly (LOL) is not celebrated outside the U.S. and it is then we realize how much of our culture is local.  We relate on so many levels in our lives to the people who we share the planet with and it is fun to be reminded of the diversity and differences that we have and the way that we live with and through them.  Yes, the Fourth of July is about celebrating the birth of a nation and that is true for about 318 million people.  And what about the other 7 billion, what is it that they celebrate?  Interesting to think about for sure….

Loving life on the Fourth of July….