Make the morning count

We have so much going on when we fully embrace the THPL journey that it often seems that we cannot get done as much as we might like in a day.  And it does seem like it is possible that we can procrastinate the day away if we are not careful.  The antidote to the busy day is to start when we are at our best and that is in the morning.  We start the day energized and engaged and not distracted.  There are so many fewer obstacles in our way when we start the day that it seems like the morning is the right time to take on the big and most important tasks and objectives that we have for the day.   We are focused, our analytical power is at its best, and our energy levels are the highest they will be for the day.  So, let’s line up the things that matter and what we want to get done in the morning and give ourselves a fighting chance to be as productive as we can be.  We have a lot of power and potential and we should use it when it is easiest to access, and the morning is just the time to do that.  Here’s to a powerful start to each day – make that morning count and the whole day will just get better. 

Loving life when we I start the morning on fire