Tour de France

The Tour de France starts today and once again the journey begins, 23 days, lots of mountains, lots of riders, lots of miles, crashes and so much more but not surprisingly…. no women.  And if we are to write about events like this it seems proper then that we take a moment and state, even though it should not need stating, that the THPL journey is for everyone regardless of color, gender, preference, none of it matters to the mission and believe that human (and that is all humans) potential is infinite and THPL is here to allow any of us to reach our potential.  So, while the “boys” set out to ride around France let’s make sure that we kill bias and empower everyone to have the same set of boundless opportunities.  And let's celebrate when 50% of the population has the same opportunities as everyone else.

Loving life when we start on a level playing field