Light and Music

So often we talk about being “active” that it can feel as though it is the focal point of our THPL journey.  And yet, we know there is more to the THPL journey and that when we consider Life, Learning and Fitness there are elements from each that come from other mediums and canvasses.  We can be inspired to action by a book, we can see a landscape and feel moved and we can watch how light and music together can make us feel something that it is hard to describe.  In the video below, Michael Shainblum’s showcases the progression of a storm through dark clouds when in that special moment the light hits and the image comes to life, in this case, the mountains.  With great background music, it is inspiring and meditative.  It makes us feel something, impacted, moved, stirred and so much more.  It literally and figuratively lights up our emotions and that is what we can find along the THPL journey.  Being active is indeed foundational for THPL but elements like light and music are part of who we are and can make a similar impact on our journey.  So, let’s slowdown from time to time to embrace them and feel the impact of the THPL journey in a different way.

Loving life when I see light and feel music