the biggest gift

As much as we know what to do on our THPL journey there are times when the best way to set a perspective of what it means to live the THPL life is to role model our behavior from other amazing THPLers and what they do and how they live.  The story of the boys who are trapped in a cave in Thailand, has for sure captivated many of us and we have seen amazing demonstrations of bravery, caring, generosity and kindness at levels we rarely get to see.    Sgt. Saman Kunan, a Thai ex-SEAL died Thursday afternoon when he ran out of oxygen while returning from delivering oxygen tanks to the boys trapped in the cave. He retired from the Thai Navy and volunteered to help.  Service knows no bounds of nationality, language, or skin color. People want to help people and Sgt. Kunan demonstrated this in the deepest way possible.  He gave of himself through his service and sacrifice to give the boys a chance to live.  Saman Kunan. Say his name. He’s earned it

Loving life when I see others give the biggest gift.