Having a voice

When we think about our THPL journey we need to remind ourselves from time to time we have an obligation to raise our voice when we find something, along the way, that is just not right and needs to be fixed.  And it is exciting to see when this responsibility is carried forward by our community members in ways that are to be noticed, respected and supported.  A group of 21 children and adults have done just that with a lawsuit that asserts that the government has long known that carbon pollution causes climate change and they have failed to curb greenhouse gas emissions and they want some form of remediation.  They assert a constitutional right to a "climate system" capable of sustaining human life. And with a path that has led them to the Supreme Court we are reminded that indeed we have a voice and we will be heard, we just have to work in the system and stay resolved to get an answer and a satisfactory one at that.  So, maybe it is time for us to find the next cause and raise our voice and make sure that someone is listening because when they do things happen. 

Loving life when our voice is loud