Reaching out

We know that one of the real benefits of the THPL journey are the great people who we get to meet along the way. They could be people who we spend a lot of time with or just someone we meet for a fleeting moment.  The vibrancy of the THPL journey sort of ensures that regardless of the amount of time spent with each other there is always some kind of last memory that we have from our encounters.  It really is the nature of the connection that we feel between us that makes this happen.  And we carry it with us for a lifetime which is why we should make an effort to reach out from time to time to the people we met along the journey to say hi, to say just thinking about you, to say can you give me a hand…..Getting to know such amazing people is truly a gift that we have been given and a gift that we can give back by just reaching out and connecting.  It will feel great for all parties involved. 

Loving life when I reach out to others from a long time ago