If there is something that we, who have chosen, the THPL path, appreciate it is others who have, in their own way, made an impact, taken the road less challenged, been a trailblazer.  The good news is that we are hearing more and more about trailblazers in and around our world – it is helpful when this happens as they remind us that we can have a big impact on the world we share with each other.  We can think about people who have left us like Aretha Franklin or Eartha Kitt, or others who are still with us making a difference like RGB.  There are a lot of special people who can be an inspiration to us while on our journey and it is important for us to make an effort to notice them, study them and then pick up where they left off.  We owe it to the trailblazers and will respect all that they did (and do) by focusing on them and supporting their causes….

Loving life when I am following the trailblazers