The weight of water

When we think of our THPL journey and our struggles along the way it is ok to be reminded that many of our struggles are a result of how we think about them.  The struggles are real and there is nothing to do but accept them and work through them.  And yet, there are sometimes, when a bit of perspective can help us mitigate some of the emotional strain that we are feeling.  When we look at Erik Weihenmayer, blind adventurer, as he kayaks the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon, it is hard not to feel a bit of sheepishness about our feelings of struggle.  Sure, it is not exactly the same, Erik is a world-class adventurer and has done incredible things like summiting Mt. Everest, but as we see what he is willing to work on and work through, it can inspire us to embrace our struggles and to work through them.  Ultimately our self-actualization comes when we feel ready to take on such moments and grow each time we do.  Here’s to embracing the struggle and pushing through it regardless of the obstacles, real or imagined.

Loving life when I embrace the struggle