It sounds so good

We know, whether on the THPL journey or just contemplating it, that there is a good way, maybe even a better way, to live our life.  We can see and hear about examples of how living the THPL life gives such a bigger and better opportunity for how our lives can evolve.  There are standards that are defined, training plans we can leverage, role models we can emulate.  And yet it still seems like it is difficult to stay on the journey sometimes - life gets in the way.  So, maybe what we need to do is to create a set of reasonable expectations for ourselves.   Allow ourselves to grow into the bigness that is THPL.  Be ok, with the times when we are doing a bit less and also stay committed to the longer-term mission and the way of life that it requires.  In reality, this is most likely the most effective way to live THPL, one in which it not only sounds good but becomes a center to how we think and live. 

Loving life when I stay true to THPL