When the hill looks too steep

It is likely that if we take the journey that is THPL that it will require, at some time, that we have to tackle something hard.  Something that seems a bit out of reach, that we don’t know how to tackle, that might even be considered reckless.  But we know that we cannot stop, that we have to find a way, that we have to dig deep to figure a way to the top even if the hill looks too steep.  There are alternative ways to go there, we can reach out to others for help, we can push through the challenge – we can do all of them and more.  For this is what we know, once we commit, we have made it most of the way to the top.  We have the potential, we just have to believe in ourselves and the process and then give it one more hard push.   Yes indeed, that hill is starting to look a bit less steep…..

Loving life when I take on a big hill