set a big goal

Seems that there is nothing like setting a goal that can get us to perform at another level.   There is something about the way that our brain works that having an established goal, a standard, a record makes us just go a bit harder, go a bit further, give an extra push even when we feel like we have little left in the tank.  It is defining for us how we react to these opportunities, do we go for it, do we step back or do we lean in.  We need not put energy into figuring this out – what we have to do is to follow our heart (and our head) and go for it anytime we can.  Target an FKT, get doing it and feel the excitement that bubbles inside us when we set out to better a goal.  The work to get there satisfying, the process of practicing defining and the achievement of our goal….well it is worth all the effort…..every time.

Loving life when I am going for it