Honor and Respect

The THPL journey is timeless, the themes that we focus on, the values we hold true, the way that we live our lives – there will be nothing different about it today or tomorrow.  And for things that matter, this stays true throughout.  We have it this way because it gives us something to believe in, to count on, to understand, to share and to build from.  We live in a bigger world and we need core values that we share between THPL and other ways of living that carry the same importance and impact for each of us and our world.  The values are respect, integrity, honor, duty.  They have depth and impact, meaning and importance and they bring the same feeling to each of us as we say them.  We can disagree on style but not on substance and to live the life we know we must stay true these core values.  It will be a better place for all of us when we do this…..

Loving life when I live by core values