A memorable moment

For many of us, we like our THPL journey so much so that we are effectively not capable of choosing another way of living.  Even though it is true that we have the freedom and flexibility to live however we want, once we put ourselves on a pathway where we can improve our lives, help others, be challenged, and so much more it is hard to see other alternatives.  The intrigue then is how did we get here, why are we so committed, so dedicated, so believing in this way of life.  As far as any of us can tell it comes down to a memorable moment, a time when it all came together, when all of our choices and practices gave us that feeling of personal fulfillment when it all is worth it, and our choices start to make some sense.  So, let’s encourage others to get on their journey so they can find what we have and be fulfilled well beyond what they thought possible.  And as for us, let’s keep it going because it really is an awesome place to be.

Loving life when I can create that memorable moment