When we get busy

It is easy to imagine and even easier to experience that while on our journey we can take on more than we might have the time to accommodate with all that we want to get done.  And so for a while we might think that it is ok to have too much to do that we can arbitrage our way through this circumstance.  There are sometimes when this will work, when we can just find a path to the outcome, but truth be told, “fire drills” when used to bail us out of a situation, will eventually fall by the wayside.  What we need to do is to rethink what we have put on our “plate” to get done now or next week and figure a way to get it done.  We can get there with the 168-hour framework and/or use it to guide us so that we find an alternative path, one that is more purposeful and thoughtful and great to follow

Loving life when I move beyond being busy