Embrace it

We have the opportunity on our THPL journey to take on a new challenge or address an issue that we know needs to be dealt with.  There is a similar theme in each situation.  We have to work ourselves to a place so that we can deal with the obstacles, barriers, fears, the unknown.  It takes effort and resolve to get it done.  And it all starts with deciding what it is we are trying to accomplish and how will we get there.  A thoughtful approach is required, an acknowledgment that it might be messy as we move forward and a sense of purpose and commitment that will help us get beyond being stuck.  In some instances, we are told to “embrace the suck” and when we do, we realize that nothing bad happens, in fact, it becomes the beginning of the path forward to getting done what it is we want to get done.  A path to THPL, it is indeed.

Loving life when I embrace it!