The city that never sleeps

There is a level of energy that comes naturally to all who choose to take the THPL journey.  Something inside all of us that keeps us ticking, moving forward, exploring.  And there are places we go along the journey that play some role in validating how we feel and what we are drawn to.  NY, the infamous city that never sleeps, is one of those places that by its sheer nature can captivate anyone because of its enormous natural energy.  It vibrates, dazzles, sparkles, screeches, echoes and shines in ways that have to be experienced.  For when we do, we can feel it viscerally, and emphatically.  Its pace wakes us and challenges us to be at our best and we can leverage that into what we do and what we know is possible.  So, if we have five minutes, enjoy the video of NY in time lapse.  It is a remarkable rendering of what energy and alive in an urban setting is like

Loving life when I am energized