It seems impossible that it was 17 years ago that the terrorist attacks occurred on September 11, 2001 across the US.  There is really no American that we know who does not feel as if it was “yesterday” when this horrific day happened.  And while we aim to keep our positive feelings about our THPL journey every day it is on days like today when we feel a sadness that rides over what it is that we are doing.  It does not set us back but rather it reminds us of the fragility of life, it reminds us of the heroic nature of the rescuers and the passersby, it reminds us that in times of challenge we, as a nation, come together to defend that which we cherish and love - our nation, our fellow citizens and our freedom.  We need never have a day like it again, and we need to stay true to our beliefs and ideals, our passion for the idea that all are created equal and that we are stronger together.  We take a moment of silence to remember all who were taken from us on 911 and to be resolved that we will protect and defend that which is important to us and many generations to come.  That we will and can do….                                           

Loving life even on sad days such as today