That won’t stop me

We start down the path on our THPL journey and we know that there will be obstacles, challenges, questioning, difficulty, the unexpected and so much more. And when we stop and think for a moment we can internalize that it is for, these “factors”, that we decide to take the road less traveled.  Yet, we have to take our mindset to another level if we are to indeed conquer each and every one of the issues that we will encounter.  What we need to do is to establish our mantra – “that won’t stop me”. Why should it? We are creative, determined, committed and resolved to stay the course.  So, then all we have to do is to work to master our mindset.  To take the time to tame the objections, to control the controllable, and to build the resources (eg. grit, resolve, commitment) inside us to will take us to the place that we intended to go.  Yes, there is nothing that can stop us….nothing at all

Loving life knowing there is nothing that can stop me