Time for some feedback

We go on the THPL journey, and we go at it hard.  And when we do this it gives us limited time for a feedback loop.  Yet, we know that feedback is critical if we are to get better, to improve our execution, to better our results, and to feel better about the effort we are putting into what we do.  It is too easy to inadvertently avoid feedback when we are moving so fast that it just does not “pop up to the top of our priorities.  This is where we need to think differently.  We have to challenge ourselves to seek out feedback, to look for people to give us a sense of what we can do better, how we can improve and how we can make this feedback loop part of how we live and what we do.  Feedback is always useful and often times really impactful.  Let’s make it part of our regimen and see improvement come and then some….

Loving life when I get feedback