Estes Epic

The journey that we take is sprinkled with big events that crystalize for us the work and effort that we have put into our version of THPL.  These events give us the opportunity to test how much we have learned and how to apply those learnings “live”. Today, I participated in the Estes Epic, an ultramarathon in Estes Colorado.  A true mountain event of 55k it provided an opportunity to go out and embrace the challenge and see what ensued.  And the race delivered.  From the first step, we took a nine-mile “climb” into the mountains and then toured the beautiful forest for what seemed to be an eternity of ups and downs.  In a race like this, the real skill that was tested is staying in the game when the going gets tough.  There are many moments when all we want to do is to stop, find a way out and yet we still stay in it – focused on getting to the finish line.  And when we get to the end we realize that discomfort is temporal, it is real for sure, but it should be assessed and/or ignored and often not acted on.  So, let’s keep putting ourselves out there – doing the hard stuff.  It makes us better….every time

Loving life when I work through discomfort