The Dawn Wall

As one might enter Yosemite value, presumably on part of a THPL journey, you are  greeted by a majestic, inspiring landscape dominated by el Capitan.  The 3,000+ feet of granite rising from the valley floor captures your attention like almost no other natural (or manmade) structure.  If you are there at the first glimpse of sun washing over the valley you will see a part of El Cap illuminated first before all else – this is the Dawn Wall, a stunning piece of granite that has captivated climbers and visitors alike.  Today was the release of the documentary movie “The Dawn Wall” starring Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgensen as they attempted (and succeeded) to be the first ever to climb the wall.  It took them 19 days, in January of 2015, to get to the top and it is arguably the hardest route climbed around the world.  The story told in stunning video has so many interesting elements that it is just better to go see the movie (or rent it when it comes out).   The key takeaway, other than the remarkable story that is told, is that perseverance does indeed get extraordinary things done.  Kevin and Tommy showed that in 2015 that living an inspired life is indeed a choice that we make and we should make the time to make similarly inspired choices.

Movie Trailer -

Loving life, for some, on the Dawn wall