In the night sky

There are times along our THPL journey that we find ourselves spending some of our time in the cloak of the night sky.  And it seems that there is a tendency to miss the beauty that is above us just waiting to be observed and admired.  Yes, the night sky holds so much for us to connect with and to appreciate.  The constellations, the planets, the moons, all there for us to look to, to touch viscerally, to embrace and contemplate.  This time of year the night sky is full of the planets, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Venus, all staring at us and welcoming us to look and wonder.  Our neighbors in a solar system that begs to be explored.  For now we just raise our eyes to the night sky and feel its enormity and enjoy all that it has to offer because in a few hours the sun will be back and the planets will take the back seat….that is until nightfall and it all starts again in earnest…..

Loving life, under the night sky