Avoid routine

When we make an effort to stick to the path that our journey takes us on we find that doing the same thing, again and again, can provide a base for progress.  And to a great degree, this is a good thing for all of us to strive for.  Yet to make true progress, that is to take ourselves to another level, we need to disrupt our routine, we need to do the unexpected, we have to make ourselves uncomfortable.  For it is when we “shock our system” by avoiding the routine we force ourselves to adapt and develop and evolve.  Our systems, that is the people who we are, are power plants ready to take on more and different all of the time.  We just have to push ourselves into a new and different state and we respond….every time.. with more than we could expect.  So, let’s indeed avoid the downside of routine and make sure we mix it up enough to create a path on the journey, unexpected and full of challenge, which is exactly why we embrace our own version of the high performance life. 

Loving life whenever I avoid routine.