Limited time

The longer that we find ourselves on the THPL journey the more that we take on new challenges, new adventures, coaching, participating, volunteering.  It all adds up to more and more time.  Yet we still only have 168 hours in a week, while that is a lot of hours it can also feel like not enough.  And the more we do the more we start to push out other activities.  It can take many forms, we stop exercising, we stop reading, we stop hanging out with friends.  We know that over time this is not a good approach.  We know that we have to resist the pull away from that which is important – not just what is urgent.  It does not mean we have to dedicate tons of time to any one interest and endeavor – is just means, that we need to stay focused on our goals and make sure that we allocate time to the goals as we see fit.  Even if it is just an hour here or there we can keep progressing we find time to do “our thing”. So let’s make sure that we find the time to do what is important and we will benefit in the long run.  As few hours now does indeed make a difference.

 Loving life whenever I save time