This is where we live

Our journey takes us to a lot of places but on Monday mornings and for much of our week we might get confused and think that our “desk” is where we live.  That being inside with “climate control” and incandescent lights is our reality.  And yes, we all know that work is essential and can be very productive but that is not enough, and the story cannot end there.  It is really good to remind ourselves that there are other realities that can balance out and inspire our lives in ways that complement what we do at work.  It’s fun to see that there are filmmakers who take time to remind us that our true “where we live” is in the neighborhood or nature, with the plants, animals, flora, and fauna.  Will and Jim Pattiz have a way of capturing the outside that inspires and motivates us to want to spend time in the world around us.  Enjoy this three-minute journey and let’s challenge ourselves to go to see this kind of place soon – it is good for our heart and soul..

Loving life in the outdoors..