hold the door

When on a journey such as THPL there are times when we get into a rush and a hurry and we rarely look back or around us as we “make time” along the path.  It is wonderful to be so focused and to have such drive.  Yet maybe we might miss an opportunity to do something a bit different.  What if, when we had the opportunity, we did something like holding the door open for someone as they were walking behind us.  It is a simple gesture, mostly unexpected, that could even go unnoticed.  But an act so unassuming can bring with it a fabulous reaction, a smile, a thank you, a wow!  A moment in time created that gives both parties something just a bit more, that feeling of community and caring that is often missed.  It might not be holding the door, it could be an offer to carry a bag, holding open the elevator, letting someone in front of you on line – each and every action a level of care and attention that we can all use just a bit more of.  Here’s to holding that door for not just one but many people who follow and wouldn’t that be a great moment indeed!   

Loving life when I hold the door!