A burning desire

It could be said that those of us who live the THPL life and do it diligently have a burning desire to find out something about ourselves.  That we put ourselves through a different cadence, a different set of challenges, that harder is better and less is the enemy of more and we do it for the reason of finding out that which does not show itself in the normal rhythm of life.  And yet, this level of intensity is not for everyone.  The alternative is to moderate our overall approach and do things at a level that is appropriate for what we think matters to us individually.  We can vary the intensity that we bring to the totality of what we do and have a burning desire to be better, to go to the next level, to be different inside ourselves and in what we do.  No matter the “flavor” of THPL we know that there will always be some kind of burning desire to do something bigger no matter how far we choose to take the journey.

Loving life when I can feel that burning desire