In the dark of the night

Seems that much of what we do on our THPL journey is cloaked in the light of day.  It makes sense, the world operates, and the majority of our activities are geared towards the daylight hours.  It also is good to rest during those hours when the sun is warming the other side of the earth.  And yet it feels like there is so much more to the day that we can enjoy and appreciate.  Maybe, then, we should experience a bit more of the day than we might typically do.  Might we stay up later and see what it is like. As day slips into night, the energy changes, it feels calmer, more peaceful and it opens an opportunity to add texture and feel to our journey.  It is less crowded and very little gets in the way of doing our favorite activities. We get a different feel for how the world operates when we touch it in different ways.  So, let’s plan a few things to do in the night from time to time and make this journey that we are on be that much richer and more interesting. 

Loving life when it is in the middle of the night