Time for friends

We spend a lot of time while on our THPL journey focused on our mission, our goals, our objectives.  And there are a lot of people who we interact with while on our journey and most everyone we interact with matters to us but just in different ways.  They could provide near-term help and support, camaraderie, challenge and so much more.  And yet we know that this mostly temporal kind of relationship is not enough…that we need more for our journey to be fulfilling. This is where our friends fit in.  Friends are those special kinds of people in our lives, the ones who we have a deeper relationship with, a kindred spirit, a connection that is lasting and there for a lifetime.  While we might have a lot of acquaintances we have just a few friends in our lives.  It takes a lot to build a long-term friendship – we have to give more than we get, be there whenever it matters, and support each other regardless of cause or purpose. And every time we have the opportunity to spend time with our friends it has to be a priority, it is a blessing and a gift, and it is to be cherished for sure…here’s to spending time with friends….whenever that might be.

Loving life when I spend time with my friends,