A good reminder

We have the risk of using a lot of resources as we traverse our THPL journey.  And the more we learn and do the more we seem to need.  So, it is important, then, to think about how to counterbalance our need for stuff.  Innately, we know that using less is better and thus it is good to start and end each day thinking reduce, reuse, recycle.  Let’s count each day how many things we have not used, let’s make it a point to reuse at least two to three things a day and let’s never miss an opportunity to recycle – even if it means holding an empty plastic bottle till we can recycle it.  With just a bit of effort, we can make a big impact.  And we can show others, by example, what they can also do.  We can, together, save our natural resources and make the earth a better place to live, one reduce, reuse and recycle at a time.

Loving life when I live by the three r’s