With the right spirit

We know that the attitude that we bring to our THPL journey drives a lot of how successful we are as we take on the challenges that we have set out for ourselves.  There can be a big burden when we make commitments that span Life, Learning and Fitness.  They can be significant in the time that they take and the level of effort that we put and the skills that we need to build so as to deliver at the highest level.  And yet, we know that we cannot bring burden to our endeavors, that our spirit and our attitude drive a lot of what is possible and how we achieve it.  Might it be then that a bit of naïveté, a bit of “boyish” enthusiasm, a bit of eagerness and excitement can be the way to balance the significance of what we do with our time and our lives?  It could be the way that we can bring our THPL journey to the level that does indeed bring personal fulfillment to each of us as we embrace the journey.  It does seem like an important way to be and live….

Loving life when I have that je ne sai quoi