Push the button

We are ten days into the 2019 and we have an opportunity to truly set our path for the year.  We are over the excitement of the new year and it is possible that our new year’s resolutions are starting to lose a bit of their shine.  So, before it all gets away from us let’s take this moment to find something big that we can commit to for 2019, something we can get behind, that we can be inspired by and that we can really feel compelled to do.  To get there we might need a bit of support, we might need to build out a workable plan, we might need a community to be part of – all or some, we just need to figure out what it is we need to have in place to “push the button” to make the big commitment.  What we know is once we do it, we will feel great and inspired. So, let’s go make it happen, the time is now.      

Loving life when I push the button