We choose our path

Whether by choice or not we can consider the life that we have been dealt to be to our advantage or not.  And sometimes we might feel that we are not treated as fairly as we would like to be treated.  Why is it so hard, why is it not easier?  When we find ourselves thinking like this maybe we need to consider how Nate Viands thought about his life.  At four he was diagnosed with Leukemia, at eight he ran a marathon in the time of 3:32 hours.  A remarkable accomplishment for anyone, at any age.  A story of being undeterred, one for all of us to think about, that is how to take really bad news and not let it get in the way of living.   From all that we can see Nate is a wonder. His Mom says he has a calm demeanor about everything in life. He has a determination to accomplish anything, a primal instinct to keep going, and the will to overcome tough odds. His parents see zero quit in him. Whether that’s battling cancer or beating the wall during a marathon, he’ll always keep going.  Making a choice for how to live is up to us, if we needed some inspiration for how to do that, we have that, for sure…..

Loving life when I don’t let anything get in the way of life