Two is one

There are many life lessons that we learn as we take our THPL journey.  Some of them we just have to learn along the way and some of them come from the learnings of others.  And as we move along some of the lessons become the ones that we want to share. A favorite amongst the lessons is “two is one and one is none”.  It is a lesson of being prepared for any circumstance. It can turn the “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong” into something that we can act on.  We all know that we would love life to go flawlessly but when we are prepared (have more than one battery for your headlamp for example) we can make it through even when things go wrong.  So, as we enter those moments that matter let’s think about how we can avoid the inevitable and make it easy to succeed by being prepared with “two instead of one”

Loving life when I am prepared