eating well

As we pass along on our THPL journey we come to know that eating well is really good for us – it allows us to be better versions of ourselves and fits very well with our goals of improving our performance.  And yet as winter settles in it seems that eating well is even harder during this time of the year.  Maybe a few reminders can help us stay on track with the food choices that we make.  We know what they are but thinking about them more consciously will improve our outcomes.  Let’s do the following:

·      Look for whole foods and eat more of them

·      Eat less packaged foods

·      Add super foods to as many meals as possible

·      Cook more

·      Eat a bit less sugar

·      Read nutrition labels and if there are more than three ingredients that do not sound “normal” avoid them

·      Share foods that you think are really good and healthy!

Using these kinds of guidelines can really help improve what we eat, how we feel and make our performance reach its potential.  Yes, indeed!

Loving life when I am eating well.