In the heart of Yosemite

There are magical and beautiful places to visit on our journey and we all have our favorites and there might also be the truth that we will not all get to the most amazing places on earth.  A trip to the Great Wall of China, to see the Pyramids in Egypt, the Serengeti of Africa, the Cote d'azur or Yosemite Valley, California to just name a few.  When visited they evoke deep and memorable feelings, ones that can last a lifetime and bring meaning in more ways than expected.  Taking four minutes to visit Yosemite Valley is all it takes to be captivated and motivated to visit again, or for the first time.  Yes, it is one of the special places on the planet but so are so many other places as well-  let’s commit in 2019 to visit some of them and capture these intense feelings for the rest of our journey – feelings that can only come from places of such beauty, peace and serenity…..

Loving life when I appreciate the beauty around me