Keep moving forward

It is a natural part of the THPL journey to be committed to our day to day, week to weeks goals and working to stay true to our THPL mission.  When we “stay true” the journey has us living large and with a lot of purpose, and excitement, about what is / can be.  It involves us taking care of not only ourselves but also those around us.  But we have to be careful that we do not let the daily grind get in the way.  There is a big pull from the grind – there are even others who want us to fall into “normal” and minimize what we do but the bottom line is that there are still enough hours in the week or the day to do the things we want to do.  We just have to keep moving forward, not backwards.  When we do this, even the daily grind cannot get in the way!  

Loving life when I keep moving forward