Till the last moment

We start down the path of the THPL journey and we set many goals and objectives. They all seem doable and tangible and then we start working on them.  Often the unexpected happens and we are left wondering what to do - our first reaction is to push hard to get through that moment, to see if we can do anything to overcome the obstacle, then if that does not work we often try another tactic or two, and if that does not work then we start to lose the drive that we will be able to fix it.  Maybe, though it is not really an issue of tactics, maybe it is an issue of time and patience.  Maybe all we really need to do is to wait it out, stay positive and be ready for a solution shows itself.  It could be at the last moment but in reality, it does not matter when it comes, all that matters is that we stay positive, we keep the faith and we keep waiting till that last moment – yes, indeed – it will come and success will be in hand…..

Loving life when I have the patience to wait