Making an Investment

We make a lot of decisions along the way of our THPL journey.  Where to go, who to go with, what to do and how to build a good plan.  There is more, however, that we need to consider if we are to make this journey into our own high performance life.  We have to do more than just invest in good gear. We have to think about what investments we are going to make in ourselves.  We need to give ourselves enough time to improve.  We need to leverage a coach or others who can help us.  We need to get enough rest and we have to plan for practice.  Maybe most importantly, we have to push ourselves to listen to what is going on around us, listen to the input that others provide and listen to how we are feeling. With all of these investments, we can and will improve and turn our journey into something even more remarkable.  Indeed it will

Loving life when I am investing in myself