The simplicity of it

When we step back and look at how our life evolves and what it is that brings us to a level of our own high performance it sometimes seems that we must be making it too hard to get there.  We should be making more progress, more quickly…And yet sometimes we are not.  So, maybe we need to step back and figure out what is in the way, once we do we can follow the right path that leads us to high performance and how to stay on track.  And from our figuring we can put in place a few simple rules of thumb that will help us stay on track, like:

·      Have an increased focus on what is really important in our lives and making it a priority every day.

·       Work to bring a greater sense of calm to our life so that when the distractions come our way they do not stick.

·       Be present (in the moment).  Don’t multi-task, it can wait, get done what we need and then move on to the next task

We can add to this list and use it every day as our guidepost.  Simple yes, impactful for sure, lasting in its benefit, absolutely.

Loving life when I keep it simple and on track