The right gear

The more we push ourselves along the THPL journey the more we realize that gear is not only an essential part of every adventure or sport or activity that we are involved in it will affect our performance and the way that we feel about the activity.  Cold weather, warm weather, long distances, hard matches, the list goes on – the more we do the more we need.  And when we do use the right gear amazing things can happen.  Most recently many of us followed Colin O’Brady as he traveled across Antarctica. With the right gear, he was able to be warm when sleeping and said that the boots he had kept his feet warm even to 80 degrees below zero.  So, let’s be inspired by the fact that the right gear can even keep you warm in the coldest weather on earth and find the proper gear for ourselves as we take on our next challenge, take time to master our favorite pastime or just want to enjoy what we are doing

Loving life when I have the right gear