Euclid, who would have known

Travel enough places on the THPL journey and we see a lot and observe a lot.  And it is up to us if we are going to take it all in or just go by and miss an opportunity to enrich our lives.  It could be as simple as seeing a street named Euclid, maybe even more than once during our travels and then wondering why such an obscure, non-intuitive name would be a common street name.  A quick Google search and we find out Euclid was a Greek guy who did a lot of math-related things. He's famous for geometry in particular: angles, shapes and whatnot.  So, looks like people are interested in math or geometry and want it to be nearby and not just in a text book.  So, here’s to being creative and fun and enjoying life in so many different ways. 

Loving life when I am learning