Photo of the day

We know that THPL is about Life, Learning and Fitness.  We also know that life is what we see, feel and live every day.  In it, we have the opportunity to participate as we see fit.  We have the opportunity sometimes to be an observer and sometimes the participant.  In each role, we can feel life differently.  And we can engage differently.  And we can do so actively.  Let’s put ourselves into what is going on around us.  How about as we move through our day we look for what is going on around us that could be a “photo of the day” – that is the photo captures deep feelings, brings us to where we are and is worthy of sharing.  When we find a “picture” that is worth shooting let’s pull out our phone and take the picture.  We can share it, save it, or just experience it.  We will for sure be different for having done something active and engaging.  Yes, Life comes alive when we choose to make it so.

Loving life when I am shooting my photo of the day