Work and Play

The journey, it defines, by how we plan our time and activity, a way to live.  It is not about a specific way or a formula, rather it is about the way to live a harmonized life that brings together elements of work and play every day.  It is targeting, not necessarily balance, but integration.  Start and stop activities, enjoying the message, the meeting, the run, the book, the lunch, the rest, all are what we do and what we can love when we think that in totality it is about all of what we want and need to do.  Nothing particularly better than another element it is the attitude and the perspective that we bring to the journey.  It is embracing each day and all activities that make us feel fulfilled and engaged, happy and emotive, satisfied and accomplished.  Work and play come together in a unique way and life is just good, indeed it is.                                                                     

Loving life when I work and play